In April 2008 Andrew Ivamy wrote a Wikipedia article about Maree Pavletich (née Sole). In that article he quoted Maree as saying:

"I do not remember getting into Science Fiction per se, seems like it's always been a part of my life, but I do remember getting into Fandom. Wellington 1982, after a particularly long day at Library School, I was invited to join a group that was meeting at the bistro at the St George Hotel. It was there that I met people like me! Who knew about science fiction and could talk about it for hours! They told me of these things called Conventions...and before I knew where I was I was running one, ConScience '89 and then another KiwiCon '90 and now I am doing OdysseyCon 2001! A classic case of once bitten, going back for more! So, I have been on LOTS of committees, have done almost everything in fandom at least once, including Con and club running, writing, acting in Pratchett plays (Nanny Ogg and Princess Keli), filking, modelmaking and costuming. I have just become a published author along with other members of SNIPS, the Stella Nova writers group. Our book Millennium Knights is out in shops now (shameless plug).

I see "SF Coming of Age" as a new awareness that people need to get up and CREATE things within fandom. Write that book, paint that picture, run that Con. What can I say? It's a rush."

Initially there was some debate as to whether Maree was a "person of significance", but after a week or so debating the issue the page was allowed to stand.

But then in June 2008 an anonymous complaint was received that the article was in violation of copyright, on the grounds that it copied text from the guestlist page on this website. In fact the text that was used on Wikipedia was written by Maree herself, and she was not at all pleased to find that some third party had complained to Wikipedia and gotten her page deleted.

This was the response from Maree, when asked if Andrew Ivamy has permission to re-use the above quote on Wikipedia:

Yes, I wrote it and sent it to Andrew - the fact that way back in 1999 I 
sent a very similar parargraph to the organisers of Cond'or of which I was 
FGOH is to me irrelevent. The fact that the Cond'or page is still up there 
is just a problem of the internet - should have long ago had it's link 
broken. Copyright my rear elevation, snorts in derision...

If anyone needs my scribble, wants to repeat it or whatever, more power to 


Just to be absolutely clear: the text in question is hereby granted to the public domain.