This competition closed during the convention; entries are no longer being accepted

Competition information.

Take a gander at these! We decided this year's competitions will be a little different - instead of the usual open - write anything you like competitions, we've set you some specific challenges. We want to inspire you to create us some imaginative, unusual and entertaining new stories, instead of just sending us those creaky old dungers from your reject pile. And now for the categories (drum roll please):

Our first competition will be to name our icon. The birdy needs a name! Send your suggestions to out PO BOX or simply fill in the box below with your email address and the name you choose. in the up and coming reports we'll name the winner and you'll recieve your prize at the con. (Just to make you feel special :))
Stay tuned for further details.

Name That Birdie!

That's right, we're looking for naming sugestions for the Cond'Or 2000 symble below. Please fill in the boxes below and your submission will be reviewed. Its sumpremely imporant you fill in the email field!!
Name 1:
Name 2:
Name 3:

Children's Story:

A fantasy/SF story, up to 1000 words, for 5-12 year olds.

First Line:
"It was a dark and stormy knight."
That's your first line - now write the rest of a fantasy/SF story of up to 500 words (including that first line). The judge will pay special attention to how well your story uses the first line.

"How I lost 300 kilos in One Week."
Write a SF/Fantasy story of up to 1000 words with this title. The judge will pay special attention to how well your story uses the title.

  • Now the rules part:
  • All entrants must be paid members (either supporting or full) of Cond'Or.
  • All work entered must be your own original work and previously unpublished (that means not published anywhere, not even in fanzines).
  • You may enter as many stories as you like, in any of the above three categories.
  • You are encouraged to submit your entry by e-mail. Put the story title, your pseudonym, your name and contact details in your e-mail text. The story itself, with the title and your pseudonym but without your real name or contact details, must be an attached file in RTF format (a separate file for each story, if you're submitting more than one). The front page of each story must indicate which of the three categories it is for. E-mail entries to competitions@condor.sf.org.nz Alternatively, you may submit your entry by snail-mail. Each story must have a separate cover page with the story title, your pseudonym, your name and contact details on it. All entries must be typed on A4 paper. The story itself must not contain your real name or contact details, but the first page must include the title and your pseudonym and which of the three categories it is for.
  • Post your entries to PO Box 17044, Karori, Wellington.
  • Entries must be received no later than April 30, 2000.
  • Entries will not be returned, so don't send your one and only original copy.
  • The judge's decision is final. No bribes. Not even chocolate.

The Prizes.
Fame and fortune. The winning entry in each category will be published in the Con book for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all attendees. We also hope to line up a range or prizes for your enjoyment.

Artwork Competition

  • We hope your muse hits you and you enter the competition.
  • The subject for the work should make use of the theme New Zealand: Past, present and future, the merging of history and fantasy in the new millennium.
  • 2 categories of media will be accepted
  • 3D i.e. patchwork, sculpture and modelling etc.
  • 2D/still i.e. painting, photography and drawing etc.
  • A maximum of two entries per medium.
  • All artwork is the responsibility of the artist and must be handed in on the first day of the convention, being Friday 2nd of June 2000.
  • Cond'Or will not take any responsibility for artwork sent to us before this date as there is
  • A) Possibility of damage during transport
  • B) Possibility of damage during the period of time before Cond'Or
  • C) Lack of space to safely store artwork
  • All artwork will be on display at the convention and attendees will have the chance to vote on the piece they think is best, the winner of which will win a People's Choice award.
  • A panel will judge the artwork and the judge's decisions are final. If you have any questions or queries about anything just get in touch with us.

Video Competition Rules.

Yes! We are holding a video competition which is being run and judged by Wayne Stables who has been in the visual effects industry for the past five years. He has worked on such projects as The Frighteners and Contact. He is currently working at Weta Productions on Lord of the Rings. He is also wrote the blurb and rules.

Videos should be at least one minute (or I'm going to think that you're cheap). They can be as long as you like, but I've got to warn you I'm going to fall asleep after 15 minutes (unless you're James Cameron or Ridley Scott).

If you're coming to the convention from another country where English is not spoken natively, then firstly thanks for coming along, and secondly I really need to understand any dialogue so that I don't miss any of your sparkling wit and razor sharp lines.

To enter you must be a member or supporting member of the convention. Remember - if you're not there then I can make fun of your epic, and no one will be around to stop me. VHS tape only - no 8mm, digital Hi 8, SVHS or anything else that won't play on my Noel Leemings home VCR.

If you want to enter a photo to be published along with your winning masterpiece make sure it's black and white so that it will copy ok. Actually a photo would really help me because I would know who is likely to be angry at me if they don't win, and who to hit up for a beer if they do. Content must be SF, Fantasy or Horror based.

The judge's decision is final.

All entries should be sent to our PO Box (17044, Karori, Wellington) to arrive no later than April 30, 2000. To receive your tape back at the end of the convention you need to send in with your entry a prepaid self-addressed envelope.

A cover sheet giving the title of the entry, your name and contact details, and your occupation should accompany your entry. You could also include a brief rave about your project, the budget, and the length of time it took to complete.

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