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Full $70
Important: Registration goes upto $80 on June 2nd, 2000. So beat the prices now!
If unable to attend the full convention you can specify the days you would like to register for.
Friday $10 Saturday $35 Sunday $35 Monday $10
Important: Because Saturday and Sunday are generally the busiest days of the conventions with the most active guest and public participation they carry a higher daily charge than Friday and Monday. However full registration is as cheap or cheaper in some cases so if you're able to attend the full convention then we invite you to sign up for the full registration.
Additional catagories not part of the above.
Support $20 Furry Fans $5

Hotel Registration:

(Indication preferences only)
Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
I want to share with 0 1 2 other people.
Room Preferences.
Type of room you would prefer to have: Standard - Double Standard - Twin Triple Suite
Should your room choice not be available, what would your secondary preference be:
Standard - Double Standard - Twin Triple Suite
Sharing With
Please find other people (Male Female Don't Care) to share with me.
Room Area.
Party Borderline Quiet Any area

I wish to participate in: The Banquet (Cost: $35) Art Competition Writers Workshop** Laserforce Masquerade
** to participate in this option you must tick full registration.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST. Please Make cheques payable to Cond'Or.

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