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Dealer Information

There are excellent opportunities available for dealers to sell their wares at the convention. The West Plaza Hotel has the Wakefield Room (which we will be using for the traders) on the ground floor of the hotel, opposite the reception desk. This gives you dealers great exposure not only from attendees but also from the general public.

Prices for the dealerís room have been set and if you are interested you need to confirm your place by April 30. Contact us for details on the prices. If you wish to advertise in the Con book itself the deadline for indicating your interest is April 20. Ad copy will be required by May 8.

You also get a special deal from us. Because Friday and Monday are half days we are charging only three full days' prices for tables within the dealers room. Isn't that a good thing? Tables are $50 per table per day. Space is filling quickly so get in early if you are interested. There will also be an amatuer dealers space during the floating market on Sunday morning from 10am. Entry is by gold coin.

Advertising rates for the Con Book have also been decided. Full page: $300 Half Page: $150 Quarter Page: $75 Price for stuffing fliers in the con packs : $25

Dealer Information

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Should you need to post or wish to get in touch with us by mail, please us the following address:
Lynelle Howell
Attn: advertising/sponsorship coordinator
PO Box 17044

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